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Blissful Brides Editor’s Choice - Most Preferred Wedding Essentials 2015

Above: Our fleet lined up and looking dapper!

Rolling in Style: With the largest fleet of rental luxury cars in Singapore, The Wedding Limo Company is well-equipped to ensure that your big day is filled with utterly glorious entrances and exits.

The Wedding of your dreams is a one-in-a-lifetime affair. As such, you deserve the best of the best on this special day. Add a touch of elegance to your wedding day with a romantic ride in a luxury car from The Wedding Limo Company.

The Wedding Limo Company believes in creating wonderful lasting memories for couples. It wants your wedding day to be flawless, just as much as you do, which is why it is ready to provide service fit for royalty on this momentous occasion – after all, you and your loved one are king and queen on this day.

Find yourself spoilt for choice with the largest fleet of luxury cars in Singapore. The company’s wide range of cars are organised into four categories to make finding the perfect luxury car a breeze: from Statement Makers and Contemporary Cruisers to Classic Giants and Dreamy Carriages, there is something to suit any couple’s fancy. Make your way in glamorously in its latest Rolls-Royce Phantom – or for some old-school British charm, the Bentley S2 is sure to make a stunning statement.

Some rental companies will to take some time to outsource the car you desire, which leaves a chance that your booking may fall through if they don’t find the right vehicle in time. Couples can rest easy with The Wedding Limo Company, as it owns every single car in its fleet.

Of course, what’s a luxury car without a chauffeur? With The Wedding Limo Company’s highly experienced chauffeurs, you’ll have a smooth, seamless ride with excellent service to boot.

The article first appeared in Blissful Brides Editor’s Choice Awards 2015.

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